Still, for US$20 a head you can eat a restaurant meal here, and if you enjoy fresh fish you will have plenty of options. … I booked a separate ticket to Venezuela. This is a waaaaaaay cheaper option than booking Round-Trip ticket! That is generally very easy to obtain if you have the right documents. I would say that I have embraced it rather than overcome it. – so yeah a car doesn’t have to be a priority. I miss traveling and 2018 should be a good traveling year for me, but this post was great. The best part? Its average rainfall is less than 20 inches, and usually occurs in late fall. Curaçao is the largest island of the former Netherlands Antilles, has a surface area of 444 square kilometres (171 square miles) and has 151,000 inhabitants. You either rent / buy a car to get around or locate yourself within walking distance from where you need to be. You’ve made it sound so accessible too….some more ideas to add to the dream pile 😉 xx. Your email address will not be published. Find and compare apartments for rent in Curaçao.. Curaçao: Homes For Sale Curaçao: Homes For Lease Curaçao: Commercial For Sale Curaçao: Commercial For Lease Curaçao: Land For Sale Curaçao has lots to offer: sun-drenched beaches, a pleasant climate, nice hotels, a varied nightlife and excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities to discover the wonderful underwater world. The islands get little rain during the year and plenty of sunshine. I need to start going after my dreams like you have. A dream. Starting a New Expat Life in … I love your blog!! I applied by sending e-mails containing a CV and a personal motivation letter. The Netherlands Antilles are made up of two islands, Curacao and Bonaire. How much approximately will I be able to save per month on this salary, if I live there as a single person (no family)? A small-town atmosphere prevails across the island. As far as living on Curaçao goes – not that bad. The good news is that compliance is relatively simple. If I’m able to pursue my dreams, so could you. Food purchased at roadside snack bars (“Snèks”), the market, or anywhere else is safe to eat; the tap water is pure and drinkable. The ultimate guide to Retiring in the Caribbean. I would grab something to eat at one of the local food trucks and make sure to always catch a sunset by the beach. As soon as I arrived on the island, I felt at home. The thing is, not everyone has the balls to do it, and those people probably regret it. In order to get through the customs at Curaçao you’ll need a two way ticket. I however find it more convenient to have a job upon arrival, so you’re more prepared and know what to expect in order to plan your budgeting. I grew up in a small city called Emmen in the Northeast of the Netherlands. Phuket Expat Guide: Having a Blast in Southern Thailand January 17, 2021. Thank you! Maarten etc. That right there turned a giant smile on my face – thank you so much for your kind words! It’s mandatory if you work in a restaurant or in other sectors that make you work with food / hygiene. Find the perfect expat lifestyle stock photo. Average prices of more than 40 products and services in Bonaire. Some of the papers you now can request online, but you still have to go to the offices to receive them yourself. It’s not your VVR yet! Good stuff! Thank you! Thank you so much! All the best 😊. The aspect that is the most challenging about expat life in Curacao is having to pay all of the monthly expenses on a relatively low income. To play it save I would recommend an insurance with the duration of at least 3 months. I never used to be a morning person, but waking up to the sunrise and opening my window to see the palm trees in my backyard and feeling the warmth of the sun completely changed that for me. The islands are East of Aruba, off of the Northern coast of Venezuela. Meet new people and make new friends, discover Curacao and beyond. Together the 144.000 inhabitants form a melting-pot of cultures. With love, You are an incredibly talented writer. While Curacao enjoys a very high standard of living, especially for the Caribbean, the actual cost of living there is reasonable. On Curaçao you can always find work in hospitality. There is no such thing as saving in Curacao, so it’s better to have some up front. Very beautifully and meticulously curated. That’s what I did nearly 2 years ago. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. In this expat guide I will provide a summary of what it’s like living on the Caribbean island of Curacao. I decided to start living the life I’d always imagined. I haven’t seen any here without perfect white sand and blue sea. We have the answers! Just be creative: hop on a bus, rent a scooter instead or be a bit more sporty and walk – during the daytime! “Isla Cristina is located in the south of Spain, “Cochem is a charming medieval town in Rhineland, “We travelled to Egypt during COVID-19 which was, Expat Adventures in Bali: Your Guide to Living in Paradise, Phuket Expat Guide: Having a Blast in Southern Thailand, Starting a New Expat Life in Sentosa Island, Singapore, Japan Expat Guide: Life in the Land of the Rising Sun. Thank you for sharing such awesome tips. The main thing like you said is to change the cannots to cans, and sets some goals and go after it! You can walk right in, grab a number and wait your turn. De Nieuwestraat is a street full of student housing, apartments or studio’s. The island is relatively safe, the quality of life is high, if you like to walk, Curaçao is pedestrian friendly and it offers a great variety of entertainment and cultural events. To be fair, you will get used to simple island living but it’s good to have certain things such as enough clothing, cosmetics and home decorations. Aruba is perfect for boating… I spend a lot of my free days here, also because the food is great. Mostly when I’m driving around the island, with the windows down, looking around and feeling the warmth of the sun. Curacao: Curacao Pros and Cons - See 195,789 traveler reviews, 13,667 candid photos, and great deals for Curacao, at Tripadvisor. I truly believe that when you put your mind to something, everything is possible. 390 likes. Discover a world of travel blogs and destination guides from our community of passionate travellers. For someone who had never left Europe before, you can imagine it holds quite the adventure. Which means there is more to discover. What is it like living on Curacao? We learned the language have wonderful friends and indeed, who does not, regret the awful pollution of the isla. I’m going to have to use those once I convince my husband that we should move to a foreign country, haha! Curacao truly is paradise! But I have experienced hard times financially that I have never experienced before. Really hope this will help others who are thinking of moving here – or simply inspire them that having their life changing dream also can be pursued if they would just try. You can live the dream of your own makings. Go you for living your dreams! © 2021 Magnificent World. Answer 1 of 8: Hi, I will arrive in Curaçao in june to stay at least one year. As a just started writer, this really means a lot. I love all food, so I had no problems adapting to the Curacao cuisine. - Duration: 5:22. This of course within the validation time of your Sedula – mine is valid for 5 years. Looking back at all this makes me realize how quick you can make a life changing decision work. After all the bureaucratic arrangements you’re finally where you want to be: living your Caribbean adventure. Madero Sunsets: the Bands of Curaçao, Life’s a beach: the Curaçao ‘Vitamin Sea’ guide. Living in Curaçao (interesting facts, travel tips, etc. Locals speak 4 different languages fluently: Papiamentu, Spanish, English and Dutch. It’s a easy test you have to make on annual base and cost 50 guilders. It might be the nice weather, the famous Happy Hours or the tropical vibe around you. Barbados Travel Guide: A Beautiful and Brilliant C, Adventures in Halong Bay: Exploring Emerald Waters, 9 Amazing Things To Do in Ksamil - The Maldives of. On the day of your appointment you’ll only have to bring your passport and 15 guilders. You don’t need to have saved all your life to be able to live here, however you should be able to take care of yourself with a regular income. Belgium is high in my to go list to be honest – might move there one day! Or you pay upfront digital, depends on what works best for you. Even more so if you are Dutch. There are 234 real estate listings found in Curaçao. I’d say stay tuned, I’ll definitely post more Curaçao related content – now from a local perspective. St Martinus University Faculty of Medicine. Love your thoughts on the matter, everything is possible if you just dare to take action for it. The second reason to pick Curaçao over the other islands in the (Dutch) Caribbean is that it is the biggest one of them. Most important thing would be to enjoy the ride. I’m currently writing an Ebook about emigration to Curacao. It’s going to be in Dutch because I know all the tips and tricks for those with the Dutch nationality. As well as Karakter and my secret picnic spot, the beaches on the west side (Curacao has 38!) On Curaçao your basic insurance is being payed for you by your employer. But those really are great tips that I’ll use when I’m traveling as well. Why do you need this proof of exciting within 6 months? After living in many countries during my younger years we choose Curacao and emigrated from the Netherlands in 2008. Is 2500 USD per month + 500 USD per month for accommodation a good salary for living and working in Curacao? That city looks so darn dreamy!! Curacao is definitely on my list of places to visit now, it’s amazing that you had the confidence to move there! I chose this life! My family used to own a caravan so we would stay at campsites, never at hotels. When it comes to arranging things, everything goes five times slower than what you are used to back home. What if I told you there’s just one thing that needs to change in order to achieve such a goal: you. Turn your can’ts into cans & your dreams into plans. Ah great – in that case I’ll write more Curacao related content ❤, I’m not bold enough 😂 At least not at this current moment 😛 Well done to you! I love how detailed and helpful this post is too. Thank you! You never know with what kind of people you’re ending up with. I looked on the internet and was not able to find any accommodations in this range - 500 USD per month, is it really realistic? I have been in multiple situations where I had to come back three times because I was missing a document. If you are coming from a country that has Dollars or Euros, your money is going to be worth a lot here. Whether you do or do not need to have a car is an ongoing discussion. GIRL be my damn best friend please you are my literal GOALS. Chris, a University of Miami graduate, had a very simple business plan -- introducing aluminum rain gutters to the island -- and that business ended up being very good. I’m sure this is where my love of travelling and taking adventures comes from. Surely I’m not the only person who knows about it but it has such an amazing view overlooking Caracas Bay. Your email address will not be published. If you are visiting Curacao or moving as an expat, I recommend renting a car and exploring the west side of the island. As soon as I could walk, I was on skis and we would go to Austria every winter with our family. Come prepared & bring your papers with you. Bonaire covers an area of 294 square kilometres. Some of the above papers you can now request online! You’ll get a number to call or an web adress to make your appointment. We’ve all been there: scrolling through your instagram feed & seeing all those amazing shots of foreign places. Cost of living and prices in Bonaire, prices of food, rent, shopping, etc. Note: People with a different nationality need a ticket of proof of exiting within 3 months. A detailed review of Caribbean retirement locations, from Aruba to the US Virgin Islands. I earn about half of what I would earn in the Netherlands doing the same job. Aruba experiences far less rain than many other Caribbean islands. But I try to make the most of my time here and spend as many days enjoying the Island life. Be aware that you can only apply for a VVR when you have found a job. Shows that even with a less fortunate start, if you are open to it, it will only get better. Hope you have the most incredible time and love to hear more about what you do x, Thank you so much! Great evergreen content. In my experience it is better to always give it a try & show your enthusiasm, even if the company ain’t advertising for new employees. Motivates me to travel the world!! Thank you and all the best! They are always living with a big smile. It’s just very romantic and perfect for a great picture. Looking forward to further posts. Wow, thank you! Curacao Expat Guide: Living in the Dutch Kingdom, Caribbean-Style, My name is Eva Mulder from the Instagram profile, I grew up in a small city called Emmen in the Northeast of, As soon as I could walk, I was on skis and we would go to, One of my favourite places in Curacao is the beach club called. Bring your Sedula & a paper from work – they’ll know which one you need. It’s a good way of instantly meeting new people on the island – and a rather cheap way of living. You pick a doctor & that’s it. Do you have something to suggest me? 💕. Yay! It’s in the center of Willemstad and close by cute hangouts & bars, the busstation etc. Curaçao is a pleasant, safe place for families with children. You only need to stop by the SVB office in Otrobanda to get your insurance card. Wow! The local people of Curacao are amazing. You just have to see what works for you. Geweldig geschreven en heel duidelijk !! I didn’t find it hard to integrate into the culture. Not able to? Great post and thank you for being such an inspiration 😘 xx. I always make sure to speak it whenever I can on the island.